Monday, January 16, 2012

Review: Lunch at Ippudo

Despite living in a neighborhood with a ramen restaurant on practically every block, I had never eaten in one - a problem I knew I had to fix before moving away.  Ippudo is famed for their Tonkotsu ramen and the wait time to access it.  On a recent daytime stroll through the East Village, I stopped by and learned that going for a weekday lunch is clearly the key to avoiding the infamous hours long wait at dinner; after walking in, I barely had time to check in on Foursquare before I was escorted to a communal table.  After much research on the best bowl of noodles to get, I knew to order the Akamaru Modern which was by far the most heralded dish on the menu (which isn't to say others haven't received props on the interwebs - I'd love to try the Shiromaru Hakata Classic sometime).  What I received was a revelation.  I tried British import Wagamama when it opened up in Harvard Square years ago to much hype, then shrugged and went back to Cup 'o Noodles for my college budget ramen needs.  This soup however, was incredible. the broth was silky and porky (it actually made me thankful my parents didn't raise me particularly religiously, I would hate to be missing out on this or have lapsed guilt).  The noodles were thin and perfect.  I am definitely getting the option with extra pork next time, that one perfect slice of tender pork belly left me scraping the bowl to see if there was more. I didn't fare too badly with the chopsticks either ::pats self on back::  The service was fantastic as well: fast and friendly, and I appreciated the cup of tea that came with the bill.  All in all, I'd say this place is definitely worth the hype - just try to come for lunch if you can!

Ippudo NY
65 Fourth Ave
New York, NY 10003